City Hall didn’t help when help was needed

Sept. 4, 2012

Public Forum:

In some instances, Oak Creek can go overboard in how they will handle a problem. Perhaps this should be considered minor, but Oak Creek City Hall, I have two words for you, "You suck."

On Monday, I had no phone service. I went to Tri-City Bank Oak Creek and the manager assisted in calling the telephone company. By Wednesday, nothing was fixed.

I went to City Hall and asked three people - "Oh, we don't let any outside people use our phones," I was told.

Now for three days I had no phone.

My daughter came from Fond du Lac, "What's wrong? It rings and you don't answer!"

I'm 82 and I do consider this an emergency of sorts.

I then went to the Dollar Tree and the manager gave me his cellphone to use. I thank him so very much. But to Oak Creek City Hall and their kindness, two words, "You stink."

One more call which my daughter made and we were told it was an outside wire and they would come Thursday.

One year ago to this date, same problem, and no phone for five days before AT&T fixed it, and to that I say, what a super utility. I hate to think if a disaster occurred and this is how they handle the problem.

Grace J. Schrank

Oak Creek


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