Oak Creek police seek those who set off bottle bombs

Sept. 5, 2012

Oak Creek police are seeking the people responsible for the explosion of two bottle bombs in a residential area the evening of Aug. 28.

According to the police report:

Several residents called police after hearing what they thought were shotgun blasts, fireworks or a car backfiring in the 400 block of East Wynbrook Drive at 11:12 p.m. Aug. 28. Firefighters and police officers responded to the area, where they found two, two-liter bottles on the sidewalk and tin foil strewn about. No property was damaged by the blasts.

Officers talked to the residents who live on the property where the bottles were found, but they did not have any suspects or know why their house was targeted.

While canvassing the area, an officer talked to one resident who said he heard squealing tires in the area of South Mona Drive about two minutes before hearing the two large explosions. He also stated he saw four males, possibly in their late teens or early 20s, running westward on Wynbrook Drive, then run south on Verdev Drive. Two of them then doubled back to a vehicle parked on Wynbrook, got into the car, and slowly left the area.

Officers following up on a possible lead questioned an 18-year-old South Milwaukee man, who admitted being involved in the same type of activity on East Field Stone Circle, but insisted he was not involved in this incident.

Police continue to question possible suspects and are following up with possible video footage captured by Woodman's surveillance cameras.


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