Oak Creek firm to conduct Kuwait oil spill remediation

June 8, 2012

Oak Creek's Biogenesis Enterprises announced today that it has been selected by Kuwait officials to remediate the Kuwait oil spill, which occurred when Saddam Hussein's forces blew up more than 600 oil wells in 1990, many of which were not capped for weeks or months.

The oil, as well as the billions of gallons of sea water used to extinguish the flames, altered the desert sand. Some of the oil has reportedly seeped over 40 feet into the sand and into the drinking water aquifer.

The UN War Reparations Fund has allocated $3 billion for the Kuwait sands cleanup.

Biogenesis has an initial contract of $15 million to wash the sand and extract and separate the oils, salts and other contaminants, according to a company news release.

"After our unique cleansing system is employed, it our goal to give the Kuwaitis clean, construction-grade sand and refinable oil for sale," said Phil Skrade, CEO of Amiran Technologies, which owns Biogenesis, in the release.

About 200 people will be employed in the initial phase of the cleanup work.


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