Multiple injured or sick coyote sightings reported in Oak Creek

March 10, 2014

Oak Creek police fielded multiple phone calls reporting injured or sick coyote sightings around the city from Feb. 25 to 28.

According to the Oak Creek police reports:

In the first call, a resident in the 3200 block of East Puetz Road reported there was a sick or injured coyote behind her garage and it "hissed" at her and her dog about 5:35 p.m. Feb. 25.

The responding officer, who reported the incident to the Department of Natural Resources, noted that the coyote was very thin and looked like it had open wounds on its legs, but it left the immediate area while he was on the scene.

In the next reported sighting, a caller reported seeing a sick or injured coyote in the 3300 block of East Carrollton Drive about 5:50 p.m. Feb. 26.

The officer spoke with the caller and provided him with a number for the wildlife facility, and also advised the caller to keep an eye on his small dogs if the coyote is in the area.

In another call, a caller reported an injured or sick coyote wandering the neighborhood in the 8800 block of South Carol Court at about 9:35 a.m. Feb. 28.

The caller stated the coyote was thin and was not moving very fast. The responding officers reported the coyote ran away from them and they were unable to contain it. The officer also spoke with wildlife facility representatives, who stated they will not come out unless the animal is contained.

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