Man facing charges after Franklin road rage incident

May 29, 2013

Franklin — A 47-year-old man was cited after he allegedly pulled another driver out of his car and attempted to assault him, and then broke off his rear-view mirror with a wooden club during a road-rage incident on May 23.

According to the police dispatch report:

Police responded to the 8200 block of South 51st Street after a motorist called to report that a driver assaulted him and damaged his car at about 2:50 p.m. May 23.

The caller told police he was attempting to make a right turn onto Drexel Avenue from 51st Street when a man driving a silver Chevy Silverado cut him off. The caller stated he slammed on his brakes when the Silverado cut him off, but told police he did not hit the truck.

When both vehicles were stopped, the driver of the Silverado, a 47-year-old Oak Creek man, got out of his truck, walked over to the caller and pulled him out of his car. The caller told police the enraged man tried to punch him but missed, and the caller got back into his car and locked the doors.

The man then went back to his truck, grabbed a wooden club, and started walking back toward's the caller's vehicle. When a motorist got out of her car and intervened, the man swung the club and broke a mirror on the caller's vehicle before driving away from the scene.

Police contacted the suspect by phone, but he refused to come in and give officers his side of the story. He told police he took out the wooden club after the caller rear-ended him and damaged his truck, then punched him twice in the jaw after he walked over to the caller's vehicle to talk to him.

However, when police asked him about the accident later on in the conversation, the man stated there was no damage to his truck.

When police asked the suspect why he left the scene of the accident, the suspect stated that he didn't trust cops "because they are all crooked." The man then called the victim a racial slur and stated that "he got what he had coming."

The man was cited by mail and is facing charges of disorderly conduct and destruction of property.


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