Halloween Express will temporarily occupy vacant Kmart in Hales Corners

Published on: 7/29/2014

Hales Corners — The first business to temporarily occupy the former Kmart on South 108th Street is going to be a little scary.

Halloween Express, a costume, decoration and makeup superstore, will fill out nearly one half of the vacant Kmart parcel from Labor Day weekend through October, said Halloween Express President Jon Majdoch.

The store offers everything someone would need to haunt their house or prepare for trick-or-treaters. It also provides many young people with their first job, Majdoch said.

'It's a fun environment,' said Majdoch, of Brookfield. 'We try to decorate our stores and offer a good experience.'

Majdoch said his grandparents live in the village and 50 percent of his childhood toys came from the former Hales Corners Kmart. It's only natural he would want to sell back more than 10,000 Halloween-centric 'toys' to the community.

'It's a tremendous space,' he said. 'It's kind of a gateway to Hales Corners. I'm excited to see some life come into it.'

The store will also offer three weekend magic shows with illusions by local magician David Seebach. At one of the shows, which will also be a sock hop, Seebach will attempt to bring Harry Houdini back from the dead, Majdoch said.

Six total Halloween Expresses will open in the Milwaukee area this year. The most visible being the pumpkin-shaped tent stationed at Wisconsin State Fair Park.