Girls' shopping trip at Franklin Target had higher purpose

Big Bend girls 'Give to God' with money earned from chores

May 12, 2014

In some ways Calla and Olive Fritz of Big Bend are just like any 8- and 7 year-old girl. They take the spending money they earn from their chores and pick out a favorite Barbie or a treasured doll. But in other ways, the Fritz sisters are doing something much larger than their age.

The money they earn is split in three ways. One part "spending wisely," one part savings and one part goes into a "Give to God" jar.

The dolls come from their spending wisely money, Calla said. Olive and Calla agree that the savings will go "toward a car and a house" and the "Give to God" jar goes to special projects that help people around them.

Recently, the two girls were caught at the Franklin Target working on one of those projects.

Earning it

Calla and Olive listed the chores they do to earn their $2.50 per week with pride.

"We have to clean upstairs and, like, make our beds and do stuff like that, and then we have to come downstairs," Olive said, adding that they might have a piece of fruit and put on slippers before returning to work. "Then we have to go downstairs into the basement and, like, feed the cats and take care of the litter box, and we also have to do the laundry."

Mom Jennifer said the girls also complete special tasks that can add to their weekly total, such as cleaning out the car or helping their grandparents on the farm. She said that she got the idea of splitting the money from financial adviser Dave Ramsey, who said starting kids early was important.

Budgeting something great

The girls dip into their "Give to God" jar for giving opportunities that come up, but for the most part they save until they have an idea.

When Olive decided to do care packages for the homeless, Calla decided to take her money and do that as well. After saving for a while (a year, according to Calla; maybe six months, according to her mom), Calla took $35 to the Franklin Target, where the two girls sat with a calculator and pencil to see what they could do, while Mom watched.

"I picked out mini waters, two mini deodorants, two mini sensitive skin soaps, travel packages of toothbrushes and lotion, Q-tips, a first aid kit and all of that," Calla said. "If they need them, and they don't have anything or money or anything like that, then they have something right there they can use."

The girls were prepared to hand out their kits to people who appeared in need.

"They need things more than we do," Olive said. "We already have things and more things than we actually need. They have hardly anything, they don't even have a house, and so it's important to give them stuff and not use our money on more stuff when we already have more than we need."

For Jennifer, it meant her goal was clicking with the girls.

"I just want them to think beyond themselves. I want them to be aware of other people and realize how abundantly blessed we are," Jennifer said. "It's important to think about people all the time, not just in packages but every day to remember that ministry is whoever we are with."

Caught in the act

Patty Meyer, who works in the pharmacy at Target, saw the girls in the travel section hard at work on their calculator making a list.

"Most of the kids I see at the store are screaming to get a gift for themselves. This little girl was being totally unselfish. I just thought that was amazing; it's not what we see from 99 percent of the kids that come in the store," Meyer said. "I wish there were a lot more like her. I wish I could be more like her. I think of myself as an unselfish person, but I don't see myself going as far as this little girl did. To me it was just a tear-jerker. It was just so cute, and what a sweet little girl."

For Calla and Olive it's just part of what they do.

"It's important because you can help people who are in need. God says to help anybody," Calla said.

And when asked if she was excited, Calla answered with a simple "Yup!" and if those she would be helping would be happy to receive their packages?

"Of course!"


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