Falcon eggs may hatch live on webcam this week at We Energies power plant

May 8, 2014

Oak Creek -- Four falcon eggs may hatch in front of We Energies' live webcam this week at its Oak Creek power plant. Residents are encouraged to watch and follow the hatchlings from their home computer.

We Energies installed live cameras three years ago and turns them on every spring during nesting season, when endangered peregrine falcons nest at the plant's nesting boxes.

There are currently 23 eggs at all six We Energies nesting sites. "We've had 191 chicks produced at We Energies facilities. By the end of this nesting season if mother nature cooperates, we should break the 200 mark," said Cathy Schulze, spokesperson.

Once the chicks are born, mother and father peregrine falcons will be present continuously to feed and protect their young. At three weeks, We Energies' peregrine manager, Greg Septon will tag the young to track the peregrine's population and migration patterns.

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