Former Timber Wolf Preservation property has a new owner looking to sell, lease

Published on: 7/22/2014

Greendale — Property of the former Timber Wolf Preservation Society has been purchased by a local real estate broker, who is now looking for interested buyers.

The Timber Wolf Preservation Society quietly closed for good this spring, after the organization faced hardships associated with waning public interest.

The society, which offered public viewings of timber wolves on its property, closed after 47 years of business.

The property was purchased July 10 by Steve Anderson, president and CEO the Anderson Commercial Group in Greenfield.

'It was a personal purchase of mine,' Anderson said. 'It's just a beautiful setting, and it's rare property to find.'

The two-acre property, located at 6669 S. 76th St., is 'surrounded by 360 degrees of Milwaukee County Park land,' he said.

The property is near the Root River Parkway and The Rock Sports Complex. It was originally listed for $240,000, but Anderson did not wish to disclose the final dollar amount.

He is now looking to sell or lease the property.

'This property could be used for many purposes,' Anderson said. 'There have been some prospects, but nothing is solidified yet.'

A house and more than a dozen chain-link pens from the preservation society remain on the property.

Interested parties can contact Anderson Commercial Group for more information at (414) 425-2700.