Doggone good name: K-9 isn't here yet, but already has a moniker

March 26, 2013

Greendale - Residents can stop barking about what they think is a suitable name for the German shepherd that will join the Police Department in May.

Officers with the newly-formed K-9 unit held a contest last month to name the dog and the results are in.

The Village Board met Friday and selected NOVA, which stands for "New Official Village Avenger."

The winning name was submitted by 9-year-old Alex Alenius from Highland View School. Alenius wins a T-shirt, an autographed photo with the new dog and possibly a few licks of affection.

The Greendale Police Department received $14,000 in February from multiple donors to help pay for the canine, training and a bullet-resistant and stab-proof vest.

In the past, the department relied on the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office or neighboring agencies for canine services. The dog will protect and serve the community by performing building searches, tracking suspects, deterring crime, locating missing people and helping with anti-drug education efforts.

Officer Tony Fitzgerald leaves for North Carolina in early April to select the dog and undergo a six-week training program.

The Police Department said more than 400 people submitted name suggestions, but only one could be top dog. Here are a few names that didn't make the cut, and the explanations supplied by the submitter:

Badger - because it's a Wisconsin dog

Bandit - because it'll be catching bandits

Patronus - Latin for "protector"

Bullet - Roy Rogers' wonder dog from the 1950s

Nosy Rosy - because the village should have a dog with a botanical name

Snickers - because it'll get the job done and satisfy you

Sherlock - because Sherlock Holmes is a detective and the dog will be a detective

Pancake - "Because I like pancakes."


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