Changing story tips Oak Creek woman off to scam

Jan. 29, 2014

Oak Creek — One savvy resident who refused to be conned realized quickly that the caller was trying to scam her when he changed his story several times during a botched attempt to steal her identity and money.

According to the Oak Creek police log:

A woman called police about 4:50 p.m. Jan. 23 to report she had just received a scam telephone call from a private number.

The caller, a man with a Middle Eastern or Indian accent, stated he was with the Internal Revenue Service and that she and her husband owed back taxes.

When the woman denied owing taxes and questioned the caller further about who he actually was, the caller changed his story and told her he was from Publisher's Clearing House, and that he was actually calling her to tell her she just won a Mercedes Benz and $242,000.

The caller later changed the amount she and her husband had allegedly won from Publisher's Clearing House to $450,000, and also told her he had a prize package for her to pick up at a specific location on 11th Avenue.

When she told him she wasn't going to pick up any packages, the caller said he would send "troopers" to her house to arrest her.

After she told the caller to go ahead and send the troopers, he told her to call Publisher's Clearing House herself to verify what she had just won. That's when the woman decided to end the call and contact police.

An officer did trace the private phone number to an address on 11th Avenue, but there was no answer. The officer later reported that it appeared the caller had given her a random address and the scammer could not be found.

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