Bonds sold to finance repair of Oak Creek's worst water main pipes

May 27, 2014

Oak Creek — More than $5 million in Waterworks System Revenue Bonds will be sold to the state in exchange for a low-interest loan to finance repair of water mains in three Oak Creek subdivisions, where breakage is the worst in the city.

About 29,000 total miles of water mainis affected at Cedar Hills, Rowan Estates and Howell Estates combined, where current pipe systems are made of cast iron from the 1950s or 60s, said Ron Pritzlaff, utility engineer.

The three subdivisions experience upwards of two breaks per mile, per year, "which is unacceptable when it comes to customer service and customer interruption," said Pritzlaff to the common council on May 20.

There are about 450 customers affected in these areas.

The Water and Sewer Utility Department applied for the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program through the state Department of Natural Resources to compensate for construction costs, which total $5,471,070.

The bonds are being issued in exchange for a loan with a 1.925 percent interest rate.

Construction on Rowen Estates is under way. Howell Estates is nearly complete. Cedar Hills work will begin next year.

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