Driver in Greendale fatal crash was not impaired

Published on: 5/4/2010

Greendale - The driver involved in a traffic accident that killed a 5-year-old Greendale girl had no alcohol or other substances that could have impaired her driving that day, she wasn't using a her cell phone just prior to the accident and her car was in good working order, Police Chief Robert Dams said Tuesday.

Dams identified the driver as Anita Nalencz of Franklin.

Ava Marie Zimmerman was killed April 14 after Nalencz's Honda Civic struck her as she was walking across Broad St. with other family members. Her mother, Tanya Zimmerman, 29, suffered minor injuries.

No decision has been made whether to charge Nalencz, 60, criminally or whether a municipal citation should be issued. Dams said investigators have not yet completed their reports.

Names of motorists involved in traffic accidents are usually released shortly after the incident. Dams said he waited to release Nalencz's name "until we had some structure in our investigation." He said he decided to release her name "to take a lot of the unnecessary spin off the case" by people who speculated about who the driver might be.

Nalencz could not be reached for comment.