The value of school budget listening sessions

Published on: 4/26/2010

Public Forum:

The Greendale School District gets a 'well done' for its recently conducted listening sessions on the budget.

Superintendent William Hughes and Business Manager Erin Green presented relevant information in an understandable format within the context of the current financial recession. Moreover, Hughes spoke about the changes in education and the challenges ahead to maintain Greendale's status as a high-achieving school district.

Most importantly, the sessions were well attended by the residents. The feedback provided and the views expressed by residents of all backgrounds were extremely valuable.

Now comes the hard part: keeping everyone engaged in the process. The economic challenges for the schools will be worse in the years ahead, and the need for an informed citizenry critical.

The district needs to continue its outreach, and the residents need to attend School Board meetings and keep current on the issues. If everyone makes the effort, the results will be positive.

David Miller