Greendale School Board OKs schools as polling places for general election

Published on: 8/18/2014

Greendale — The Greendale School District will permit the village to keep its traditional polling places in schools for the upcoming general election.

The district formally asked the village's board of trustees in May to move the polling places from the schools by the general election on November 4 after concerns arose about the safety of students during election days.

After months of discussion between the school district and village administration, the board of trustees approved a referendum question for the general election on July 15. The referendum question will ask residents: 'Should the polling places for the Village of Greendale be located in buildings other than in schools owned by the Greendale School District?'

Currently, all three of the district's elementary schools and the high school are used as polling places.

With the village's efforts to find alternative locations in mind, school board members unanimously approved Monday use of its facilities for the general election.

'We understand the various challenges faced by the Village as work continues to find suitable alternative sites to serve as polling locations,' the school board stated in a letter. '… We are grateful that the Board of Trustees has taken steps to address our concerns and those of community members, by providing additional security at the schools on voting days. Therefore, we agree to adjust our expectations on timing, and are no longer suggesting that you move polling places in Greendale out of the elementary schools beginning with the next scheduled election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.'

The board of trustees will discuss the referendum question further during a meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.