State of the City Twitter chat probes Drexel Town Square, construction and more

Published on: 4/22/2014

Oak Creek — Drexel Town Square dominated the conversation during the State of the City chat Wednesday, which happened entirely on Twitter.

Mayor Steve Scaffidi answered questions that included the hashtag "#askthemayor" while tweeting from the city's account, "@CityofOakCreek."

While many followers probed the mayor about future Drexel Town Square tenants, Scaffidi clarified development is still in the bidding process but "almost wrapped up."

"We will first see infrastructure going into the ground (within a few weeks) and then future tenants," said Scaffidi.

"Would be nice to have a facility not like a normal 'chain' that is family friendly with a gym, track, pool, etc.," Darrell Howard tweeted.

"Agree, that's our goal. DTS should be different, cutting edge, and offer other options we don't have," Scaffidi tweeted in reply.

In reply to suggestions for DTS restaurants, followers favored coffee shops, soup and salad places, pizza, sushi, and bar and grill eateries. Former Oak Creek Mayor Al Foeckler answered "Potbellys."

"We'll more than likely have all those options at DTS," Scaffidi tweeted.

In August and September, some of Drexel's perimeter lots will host farmers markets, Scaffidi added.

Summer announcements

Scaffidi mentioned the city's intention to host block parties in each of the aldermen's districts this summer, with the first one in June or July in District 6.

"We will essentially block of a piece of neighborhood, have a cookout, bring a grill and talk about what's going on in Oak Creek," said Scaffidi.

As part of his agenda, Scaffidi announced that he is looking for someone to ride along with him during the Fourth of July parade. One follower suggested that former WISN anchor-reporter Portia Young join him.

"I'm in if she is," tweeted Scaffidi.

County Executive Chris Abele rode with Scaffidi last year, when the two helped facilitate a resident's marriage proposal at the end of the parade route, Scaffidi said.

There will also be a non-perishable food collection during the parade, Scaffidi announced via Twitter. As part of his mayorship, Scaffidi promised to work to keep food banks full year-round.

"Typically in the summer, not a lot of food is donated, so it's the perfect timing for another food drive," said Scaffidi.

Oak Creek elementary schools and residents donated 14,000 non-perishable items last week during a collection at the Community Center.

"We literally filled the school bus with food from floor to ceiling," Scaffidi said.

Scheduled construction

In response to consistent resident complaints that 13th Street is "the worst road in the city," Scaffidi said the Milwaukee County-owned road is scheduled for complete reconstruction in a few years.

"As a mayor I hear about 13th Street more than any other road in the city. We will stay on that because it will be a critical road especially this summer," Scaffidi said.

With Howell Avenue and 27th Street slated for construction this summer, 13th Street is going to be an alternative route that Scaffidi said he wants to make sure is driveable.

"It will be a busy summer for road construction in Oak Creek. ... Ryan, Howell and Drexel all on the schedule," Scaffidi tweeted.

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