Kewan is informed, intelligent and passionate about Greendale

Published on: 3/16/2014

Public Forum:

As a lifelong Greendale resident, I am encouraging everyone I know to vote for Bill Kewan.

I personally know Bill Kewan, having worked with him in the Historical Society and on the Greendale 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee. I support Bill Kewan for village trustee because he is a good listener who puts people's thoughts and ideas into action. He thinks long-term and develops a plan of action to achieve definite goals. When Bill talks at committee meetings, people listen and understand his message.

Bill and his wife have lived in Greendale 33 years; their daughter attended our schools kindergarten through 12th grade. Bill is visible in the community and has been involved with many activities. He plays 'Christmas Present' in the Dickens celebration, and Jan. 10 was declared 'Bill Kewan Day' because of his volunteer work with the 75th Anniversary Celebrations committee. He attends Village Board meetings and has spoken out on several issues. He knows what is going on.

Bill Kewan wants more transparency in village government. For example, last October the village received several proposals from private developers for use of the former Police/Fire Department building. Bill thinks the residents need to review those proposals and voice their opinions at town hall meetings, which should be scheduled at a time and place convenient to those residents.

Virginia Emmons