Janet Evans the top choice for Franklin District 4 alderman

March 11, 2014

Public Forum:

I am pleased to give my full endorsement to Janet Evans as the best candidate for Franklin Alderman, District 4.

I have known Janet as a friend and neighbor for several years and have had many opportunities to work with her in various capacities serving the community. Janet has proved herself time and again as a dedicated leader who manages even the toughest issues with dignity, class and integrity. As a resident and volunteer in Franklin for 36 years, Janet has established a solid reputation for leadership that is organized, thorough and transparent. Janet is always open and receptive to all interests in the community, and she works with a commitment to the spirit of collaboration and cooperation.

I believe that as alderman, Janet Evans will work toward efficient, effective and high-performing city departments and services, along with responsible municipal budgeting and capital improvements for all Franklin citizens.

Janet welcomes new businesses to come forward in Franklin and she will work to streamline the processes that have recently sent businesses packing to communities that offer a more agreeable business climate. Janet will be a tireless advocate for the taxpayer and the business community by working to create opportunities for thoughtful development.

Janet Evans has a strong commitment to public safety and believes we should not have to worry about crime in our neighborhoods, especially if it is repetitive. She will foster a strong working relationship with our law enforcement toward prevention and enforcement.

Janet's greatest value-added as an alderman will stem from her experience in leadership on the Franklin School Board. Janet understands the unique relationship between the schools and our city, and she values that as a positive resource.

I urge my neighbors in the 4th District to cast their ballots in favor of Janet Evans on April 1.

Shari Hanneman



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