Greendale in top 20% of districts

Published on: 10/22/2013

Greendale — The Greendale School District was ranked in the top 20 percent of the state's school districts for academic accountability last month by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

On Sept. 17, the DPI released report cards that evaluated district and school performance based on a variety of factors, including student growth and achievement.

Greendale was given a 76 on a 100-point scale, which 'exceeds expectations,' according to the DPI report card, and was ranked 70th out of the state's 400-plus school districts.

The report cards measured performance through categories such as student growth in reading and mathematics and graduation readiness. Other factors, including absenteeism and standardized test results, also influenced the scores.

The report cards also looked at academic performance of subgroups, such as minority students and economically disadvantaged students, compared to the performance of the main student population within the districts and schools.

Greendale ranked 28th in the state for overall student achievement and was the top district for student achievement for districts with 25 percent or higher poverty.

'We are pleased with our growth and achievement, and we continue to search for ways to close gaps between our subgroups,' Superintendent John Tharp said in a press release. 'We've been reviewing data used to develop these state report cards since the information became available. We are also working collaboratively to develop strategies to personalize education for each student to ultimately close all achievement gaps.'

All Greendale schools exceeded DPI's expectations, except for one. Greendale Middle School received a 72.8 on its report card, which 'meets expectations,' according to the DPI. The middle school received a 52.7 in student growth (lower than the state's average for middle schools at 53.7) and a 61.8 in closing achievement gaps (lower than the state's 66.8 average).

But where there is weakness, there is opportunity.

'There are definitely areas we're always looking at,' said John Weiss, Greendale Middle School principal. 'We look for gaps in our student achievement...and take additional measures to monitor student achievement.'

Weiss said the school uses special programs, such as the research-based literacy program Achieve 3000 and Scholastic Math Inventory, to assess student performance.

Greendale Middle School significantly exceeded DPI's expectations for on-track and post-secondary readiness with a score of 94.9.

This is the second year DPI has used the report card system to evaluate school performance.

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