Greendale district opens space for nonresident students

Published on: 2/13/2013

Greendale - The School Board has authorized 16 spots for new Open Enrollment pupils in the district, and nine spots for new Chapter 220 pupils.

The district has 319 Open Enrollment pupils in the 2012-13 school year, and 57 Chapter 220 pupils.

'We monitor that very closely every year, so we're not creating a situation where additional staff is needed,' said Colleen McHugh-Moore, the district's director of pupil services. 'We're not required to offer seats beyond our minimum class size.'

As an example of how the district determines how many seats to offer, McHugh-Moore said Greendale sets a target of 18 to 24 pupils per classroom in first grade. The district is only required to accept nonresident students if resident enrollment is projected to be less than 18 pupils per classroom.

For 2013-14, Greendale will admit 16 new Open Enrollment pupils: 13 sixth-graders and three seventh-graders. A total of nine new Chapter 220 pupils will be admitted: five kindergartners, two first-graders and two second-graders.

School Board President Joe Crapitto noted nonresident enrollment has been declining as resident enrollment grows.

'We're only able to offer a limited number of seats, compared to the number of applicants,' Crapitto said, adding that he views high interest among non-residents as an endorsement of the quality of Greendale schools.

Chapter 220 and Open Enrollment are separate programs funded by the state at different levels.

Chapter 220, which aims to increase integration in schools, places minority students from Milwaukee in suburban schools, and allows white students from suburban districts to attend Milwaukee schools. Erin Green, the Greendale district's director of business services, said the district receives $725,000 per year for Chapter 220, about $11,418 per student. She said this money is not used to increase the district's budget, but to offset local property taxes.

Open Enrollment is open to students from any school district in the state. Greendale receives about $6,400 per year for each student it receives under Open Enrollment.

Parents of Open Enrollment students must make transportation arrangements, while transportation is provided for Chapter 220 students.

'We have found our Open Enrollment and Chapter 220 parents are just as involved and supportive as our resident families, and the students do just as well as resident students,' McHugh-Moore said.