9-year-old hopes to follow his dad to NASCAR circuit

Racing runs in Mayer family's blood, it seems

Nine-year-old Sam Mayer of Franklin won two Route 66 Kart Series championships this year.

Nine-year-old Sam Mayer of Franklin won two Route 66 Kart Series championships this year.

Nov. 12, 2012

Franklin- While a good number of youngsters may fantasize about driving a cool, fast car, 9-year-old Sam Mayer is on path to make it happen.

The 9-year-old won two Route 66 Kart Series championships this year, and is looking forward to the 2013 season, when he will move up in class and race in a different series.

He's been racing competitively since he was 4, and started winning when he was 5. He plans to run Karts until he is 12, then move up to open-wheel cars until he works his way to his ultimate goal - NASCAR and Indy. In fact, Sam already has interviewed with racing icons Roger Penske and Chip Ganassi and hopes to be picked up as a development driver by the time he reaches his teens.

If Sam makes it, he will be treading in his father's footsteps.

Scott Mayer competitively raced snowmobiles as a youngster, later raced Indy cars and now drives in the NASCAR Grand Am circuit.

Familial bond

Father and son agreethat racing is special.

"When I saw some guys racing on TV, I wanted to try that," Sam said. "My dad said, 'OK, let's give it a shot.' "

That first shot came on a quarter-mile track carved out of more than 800 acres of family land at 9700 W. Ryan Road. Scott said his son's talent is a big as his interest.

"People think that kids are selfish and they want to do what they want to do," Scott said. "Sam loves to practice, and he is untiring. He has passion for the sport. This is what he was born to do."

Scott also adds that he will support Sam for as long as he wants to race.

"His mother and I support him and are thrilled that he is doing it," Scott said. "He takes it very seriously. I'm sure that we will push him into some sort of formal education after high school to help make him a well-rounded adult.

"If he ever wants to stop, that would be OK, too. Right now, what kid wouldn't want to go fast and keep winning?"

Sam sure does.

"I really like racing," Sam said. "It's fun to ride fast with the other drivers. I feel like 'OK, Sam, let's have fun and then let's pass everybody.' "

He also enjoys participating in other sports, including basketball in the winter and baseball.

Busy life

Scott said keeping up with his son's races has been challenging at times.

"This year, I was racing in California while Sam raced in Indiana," Scott said. "I also had a whole lot of crew members who are interested in Sam trying to keep up with what he was doing."

While Scott Mayer has carved out a business career as president of QPS Employment Group in Brookfield, he continues to actively race. He is set to drive again in 2013 for Starworks Motorsports out of Palm Beach, Fla.

Scott's time may be even further divided.

His 7-year-old daughter, Sarah, has taken an interest in racing and has begun to hone her skills, just like her brother did - on the family track.

"Who knows," Scott said, "we may have another Danica (Patrick)."


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