Dog runs away moments after coming to new home

July 15, 2011

What should have been a happy day - welcoming a new dog to the family - quickly turned into a sad, franctic one for a Greendale couple this week.

The Borrellis hardly had time to celebrate the arrival of their new dog on Tuesday before it scampered off from their home at 5600 Churchway, heading to parts unknown.

Teddie, a 4-year-old Yorkie, ran away from their yard less than a half-hour after his arrival. Teresa Borrelli, in an e-mail, said the skittish puppy mill refugee, adopted from an Illinois rescue shelter, was apparently spooked by birdbath when he ran off.

Teresa and her husband, Andrews, spent the rest of the day and the following morning looking for him, to no avail. While the dog has a microchip implanted to help shelters identify him and his home, the Borrellis are also helping others can help.

Teddie has reddish hair on his head and legs; black, gray and white hair on his back; and weighs about 10 pounds. He has a black collar with rhinestones and may still be dragging a blue leash. Anyone who spots a dog matching his description can contact Andrew or Teresa at (414) 218-8196 or email them at


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