Seed shortage sprouts another corny idea

Published on: 6/13/2011

The Greendale Visitors Center has had its fun with its successful corn-growing contest, but when a shortage of seed threatened to turn smiles into frowns, something had to be done.

So the center planted a new idea: A Corny Joke Contest, complete with prizes to match the overly successful Tall Corn Contest.

The visitors center said the response to the initial corn contest was so enthusiastic - following publicity that included separate articles in both the Journal Sentinel and NOW Newspapers - that the supply of $1 seed packets was quickly plowed under by the growing demand last week.

Even an extra 200 packets of seed shipped from Iowa wasn't enough to offset the corn stalkers.

When more than one guest suggested the shortage was no laughing matter, that gave staff members an idea, which quickly grew into signs announcing the corny joke contest. To enter, patrons must deliver their jokes in person to the Greendale Visitors Center, 5602 Broad St. More information on the contest is available there.