Oak Creek Salvation Army open for those in need of warm place to spend time

Published on: 1/28/2014

Oak Creek — With dangerously low temperatures Monday and Tuesday, the Salvation Army has been open to those who do not have a warm place to stay.

While the temperatures have been so low, many staff members of the Salvation Army were asked to stay home. But Business Administrator Ken Tregellas stayed on deck to assist.

During the day, the Salvation Army is open as a refuge from frigid temperatures.

'They can come here, have a place to hang out, stay warm, get a cup of coffee and something to eat,' Tregellas said.

The cold has filled area shelters, so Tregellas arranged for a hotel room for one family that has no place else to stay. Other than that family, he's only had a handful of people ask for assistance, he said.

The hotel room isn't cheap.

'Each night that you're keeping someone there, those cost factors add up rather quickly,' he said.

If one wants to help the Salvation Army, he said, donations are the best avenue. Food, clothing and monetary donations allow people to get what they need.

The hardest part of the cold snap for Tregellas has been watching people who need help struggle.

'You want to be able to help everyone, and I think the basic needs as far as food, clothing and a roof over your head, people rely on us and we need to be able to succeed,' he added. 'It's been a challenge, but we're able to do it.'