Bearded dragons, other animals found living in squalor removed from Oak Creek home

Nov. 20, 2013

Oak Creek — Police contacted officials at the Health Department after they discovered multiple animals living in filth inside a residence on Fitzsimmons Road on Saturday.

According to the Oak Creek police report:

A resident who heard a dog barking inside a home in the 3800 block of East Fitzsimmons Road called police out of concern for the dog's welfare at 5:20 p.m. Saturday. The caller told police she believed the home was vacant because she hadn't seen anyone go in or out of the home in several days.

An officer entered the home through an open door and found multiple animals living in their own feces. The home was extremely dirty, there was no electricity or running water and it appeared no one was living there.

Police found three cats, two dogs, four chickens, one goat and two bearded dragons. One of the bearded dragons was deceased, and the other was barely alive. The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission responded to the home and took custody of the animals.

While police were inside the residence rounding up the animals, one officer was bitten by a dog. He was taken to Wheaton Franciscan.

During the investigation, a man arrived at the home and told officers he was caring for the animals, and that the power should be turned on to the home by next week. He stated he does care for the animals the best he can, but works long hours and is not there often.

The man said he had not been caring for the bearded dragons because he was not aware they were in the home.

The report did not state whether the man owned the home, resided at the home, or if he was taking care of the animals on someone's behalf.

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