City of Franklin steps up enforcement of noxious weeds, grass length

April 14, 2013

Franklin - In the past, the city has generally enforced the noxious weed and grass length ordinance by notifying the property owner of the violation. If the property is not mowed, the Weed Commissioner has the parcel mowed and an invoice is sent to the property owner.

Beginning this year, in addition to paying the costs to have the property mowed, property owners could receive a municipal citation for violating the ordinance.

According to the city's newsletter, the citation would require the individual to attend municipal court. If found guilty, the violator would owe as much as an additional $150 in fines and court fees and penalties could double for repeat offenders.

The Common Council has recommended increasing the $10 administrative fee associated with each billing to at least $25.

The newsletter states that some residents are using the city's current enforcement practice as a yard maintenance service. City officials hope the additional citations will increase voluntary compliance with existing mowing requirements.

Franklin Municipal Code states that noxious weeds be cut to a height of no more than18 inches; in platted subdivisions with buildings on more than 50 percent of the lots, noxious weeds must be kept to a height of no more than six inches.


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