Oak Creek police say mother dials 911 to settle dinner dispute

March 13, 2013

An Oak Creek mother who just wanted her kids to eat "without putting up a fuss" called 911 after her family got upset over what she brought home for dinner last week.

According to the police report:

In calling police at about 4:30 p.m. March 6, she reported that her children, who got into a food fight the night before, were now fighting about dinner again. She stated she wanted officers to come to the home and tell her children to eat whatever she cooks or brings home for dinner.

When police arrived, they discovered the caller was 66 years old and her children included her 31-year-old daughter, who acknowledged she had a verbal argument with her mother over food. The number and ages of the other "children" in the household were not specified.

Officers talked to the older woman, who stated she brought pizza home for dinner but didn't get any breadsticks and her children were upset.

The mother told police that she has health problems and doesn't need to be arguing about dinner.

The officers, who did note that no one was drinking or on drugs, provided the family with options on what they could do to about keeping the peace at dinner time, and the proper use of 911.

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