Porn displayed in garage could be seen by child, police say

Sept. 26, 2012

Oak Creek - A 46-year-old Oak Creek man who called police about being pranked is facing a state charge of exposing a child to harmful material after police found pornographic images hanging in his garage.

According to the Oak Creek police log:

An officer responded to the man's home after he reported that his neighbor's children were pouring an unidentified substance on his grass, causing damage to his lawn. The man told police he was concerned the children were playing with a dangerous chemical and might get hurt.

While the officer was talking to the children's mother about the complaint, she told officers that her neighbor - the complainant - has pornographic images in his garage that are regularly shown to neighborhood children.

The officer returned to the man's house and the man showed the officer the images in his garage. After the officer told the man the images were indeed pornographic, the man stated that his 7-year-old daughter is the only child who has regular access to the garage.

He was arrested for exposing a child to harmful material and is scheduled to appear in the district attorney's office Oct. 3.

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