Theater-goer banned from cinema after 'Dark Knight' disturbance

July 24, 2012

Viewers of "The Dark Knight Rises" at South Shore Cinemas on Friday night took notice when a fellow movie-goer started acting strangely during an evening showing the Batman film.

Witnesses said the man walked near emergency exits and in the aisles as the film played, and they reported his actions to security personnel who asked the man to leave, according to an Oak Creek police log entry.

Just the day before, in Aurora, Colo., a man watching "Dark Knight Rises" got up before the show started and exited through an emergency exit, only to re-enter with the gun he used to shoot dozens of movie watchers, killing 12.

According to the Oak Creek police log:

Several theater-goers told cinema employees that the man was walking around, stretching in the aisles and walking near the emergency exits while the movie was running.

Theater security personnel confronted the man and asked him to leave. The man denied doing anything wrong, but got his brother and left the cinema in a red vehicle. An employee called police to make sure the man had indeed left the theater.

Police were called again when the same man was seen at the cinema at 9:45 p.m. Sunday. When officers questioned the 24-year-old Cudahy man about his actions of Friday evening, he stated he got up and walked toward the emergency exit because he thought he was going to throw up, but then returned to his seat.

The man was told to leave the theater and not return. He complied.

On July 23, the theater manager came to the Oak Creek Police Station and requested officers issue charges against the man. No citations have been issued.

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