Franklin teens flee after driver threatens them with gun

July 24, 2012

Franklin police are seeking two people who allegedly threatened three boys and pointed a gun at them while they were walking on the evening of July 21.

According to the Franklin police report:

Three 13-year-old boys were walking in the 8500 block of West Puetz Road just before 8:30 p.m. when two males in a red, four-door Dodge Neon slowed down and pulled up next to them. The driver asked the boys, "Do you go to Franklin?"

After one of the boys responded, the driver asked, "You ever been shot at?"

As the vehicle started to slowly pull away, the driver reached his right hand over his shoulder and pointed what was perceived to be a black, semi-automatic handgun at the three teens. The car then continued eastbound on Puetz Road.

When the victims saw the car make a U-turn near Michaelangelo's Pizza, they ran north toward Forest Park Middle School, where a mother of one of the victims picked them up and took them to her home.

The suspects - described as a black male with dark hair and a buzz cut and a white male with a blonde, "Justin Bieber" style haircut - were last seen driving southbound on 84th Street in a red, four-door Neon with rust spots and dents.

Police have identified a person of interest who fits the description of one of the suspects and owns the car used in the incident. They are currently seeking him for questioning.


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