Police officer, Good Samaritan just can't walk away from ducklings in storm drain

July 11, 2012

An Oak Creek police officer and an Oak Creek resident worked together to rescue 10 ducklings stuck in a storm drain July 6.

According to the Oak Creek police report:

Shortly after 8 p.m. July 6, The Oak Creek Fire Department received a report that several ducklings were trapped in a storm drain outside Noodles & Co., 8609 S. Howell Ave. The Fire Department responded and confirmed the situation.

The Oak Creek Street Department was notified, but said they couldn't respond to the call due to the high traffic volume on Howell Avenue. The Fire Department then called police and requested an officer respond.

After the officer arrived, he contacted the Humane Society Wildlife Center, but personnel there were unavailable during the evening hours and would not be able to come to the area until after 8:30 a.m. the next day.

The officer took matters into his own hands and was able to free two ducklings from the drain. With the help of a resident who remains anonymous and a ladder, the two were able to free all 10 ducklings.

Unfortunately, the mother duck flew away before all the ducklings were collected.

The ducklings were taken to the police station on Ryan Road for safekeeping. The next morning the ducklings were taken to the Miller Park Pond and released, where the officer saw them reunite with their mother.

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