Bomb threat leads to precautions at Greendale High School

March 13, 2012

Police and bomb-sniffing dogs searched Greendale High School early Tuesday morning for a bomb but found none, said Greendale Police Chief Robert Malasuk.

However, Malasuk said the threat of a bomb remains under investigation. "There was nothing at the school at that time," he said. "The investigation is continuing."

Police were called after a note written on the wall of a girl's bathroom was discovered at 1:15 p.m. Monday indicating that a bomb was going to go off Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

"It was vague enough to leave questions," he said. "We have to take it seriously."

The search was conducted early in the morning, before students arrive for classes or any activities. Malasuk said additional security measures were put in place, but he could not disclose what those measures were in the event the threat is real.

"I will say there will be stricter guidelines for the students coming and going into the school," he said. "There will be additional security in and around the school."

Those measures will be in place until Greendale School District Superintendent William Hughes indicates they are no longer needed.

Anyone with information regarding the message are asked to contact Greendale High School Principal Steve Lodes at (414) 423-0110, Ext. 4302. An anonymous tipline is also available at (866) 373-6227.


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