Shoplifter claims, unsuccessfully, she was accidentally locked in store

Published on: 12/21/2011

Kmart employees who arrived early to open the store at 5600 S. 108th St. in Hales Corners last week found something quite unexpected: A woman with a cart full of merchandise who claimed to have been locked in the store overnight.

According to a police report, Kmart employees found the suspect, a 37-year-old Oak Creek woman, when they opened the store at 4:45 a.m. Dec. 15.

The suspect had a shopping cart full of clothing, cosmetics, handbags and other items, valued at $516.

Price tags were removed from some of the items, and some packaged items were opened.

The woman was also wearing brand new clothes taken from the store.

When questioned, the woman seemed confused about where she was and what she was doing with the items.

She was cited for retail theft and trespassing.