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The GOP Throws 99% of America Under The Bus

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What do you mean my philosophical hero was an atheist, communist-hunting, medicare queen?

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It has been reported by ex-staffers that congressman Ryan requires each new member of his team to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand because it is his favorite book and is a huge subscriber to the Rand philosophy of "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and leave people to fend for themsevles."

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"I Hope He's Taking His Blood Pressure Medication."

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. . . that was Congressman Paul Ryan's response when a 71 year-old man was arrested at Paul Ryan's pay per view event in Greenfield last week. Paul Ryan was not listening, but rather telling those in the audience who had to pay $15 that the reason we are in so much debt as a nation is because of the entitlement programs like social security and medicare.

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Would Someone Explain Why I Have To Pay $15 To Ask Paul Ryan A Question

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I don't order pay per view events at home and I most certainly am not going to a pay per view event with my elected congressman.

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Paul Ryan is Nothing More Than a Good-Looking, 21st Century Robber Baron

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House Budget Committee Chairman, and Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan will lose his reelection bid in 2012 for a number of reasons:

  • He is a Republican in Wisonsin (and thanks to Scott Walker, that will be a bad pairing for the next decade, at least).
  • He wants to dismantle Medicare while giving $45 Billion in energy tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies that he and his wife, Janna own stakes in from land leases in Texas and Oklahoma. Daniel Little, Ryan's father-in-law, who runs the companies, told Newsweek that the family companies are currently leasing the land to energy giants such as Chesapeake Energy, Devon, and XTO Energy, a recently acquired subsidiary of ExxonMobil. “Sure, senior citizens should have to pay more for health care, but landholders like [Ryan] who lease property to big oil companies, well, their government subsidies must be protected at all costs,” says Melanie Sloan, the director of the nonpartisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “It smacks of hypocrisy.”
  • According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, 57% of Americans believe they would be worse off under Ryan's financial plan. see poll here
  • The same poll also found that Paul Ryan is the 3rd most disliked Republican behind Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin (boy, he keeps good company doesn't he?)
  • Only 34% of the American people want to replace the traditional Medicare plan.
  • Republican Senators like Jane Corwin in NY are losing seats long-held by Republicans due to nothing more than their backing of Paul Ryan's "kill medicare" plan. (she lost to Democrat Kathy Hochul 48%-42% who ran on a promise of trying to keep Medicare as we know it in tact).
  • Kenosha's Rob Zerban, also a good-looking, ex-business man, but with a bigger heart and a streak of empathy for the poor will run Ryan through the ringer when it comes to Wisconsin's middle class voters.

Rep. Paul Ryan Receives an Earfull

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In this youtube video, Representative Paul Ryan is booed by his constituents at his own listening session as he tries to defend decreasing the tax burden of the wealthy. In a recent poll 80% of registered voters in the US say they oppose cuts or changes to the Medicare or Medicaid systems, but greatly approve of raising the tax rates for the wealthy. Think Paul Ryan will listen?

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