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Don't tell me to coexist

They’re omnipresent.

And they’re obnoxious.
Coexist Sticker

Those preachy bumper stickers that counsel us to coexist are simply annoying. I mean, c’mon. Aren’t we coexisting already?

The “T” in the sticker stands for Christianity, the faith that has done more for coexisting than any other. Yet Christians are bashed continuously, especially by a liberal press that doesn’t follow the Sing Kumbaya playbook when it comes to Roman Catholics.  Coexist with Islamists? Don’t they want to kill us all?

I love Kurt Schlichter's take on those lame touchy feely stickers who writes on the blog, Big Peace:

"Funny thing.  I don’t remember seeing any COEXIST bumperstickers – much less love or tolerance – when I was deployed to the Middle East.  And I sure don’t remember any in the ethnically cleansed villages of southeast Kosovo.  But I wasn’t really looking then since I was pretty busy actually doing something about hate and intolerance instead of just striking concerned poses.

What this mindset does not appreciate – what it almost willfully ignores – is that all those groups represented by all those symbols making up the COEXIST design are not the same, do not share the same values, and in many cases have absolutely zero interest at all in coexisting

The COEXIST mindset is actually condescending not only to those of us being lectured but to those we are being instructed to coexist with.  The COEXIST mindset assumes we can all just sit down over a steaming cup of cruelty-free, organically farmed chai and talk out our differences because at the root there really are no differences, just misunderstandings.How true. The coexist bumper sticker is a one-word, hypocritical, annoying, obnoxious lecture.

But deep down, someone with a COEXIST bumpersticker does not really understand that many people actually believe what their religions teach, and often those beliefs do not include coexisting with adherents of other beliefs."

How true. The coexist bumper sticker is a one-word, hypocritical, annoying, obnoxious lecture.

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