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Mark Neumann an Independent? Jay Weber speaks out

On a recent WISN Radio program, my friend Jay Weber said he was informed by some Republicans that gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann was thinking about pulling out of the Republican race and running as an Independent. I asked Jay Weber for his latest thoughts on this issue and he provided this guest blog:

It’s made me a target of some Neumann supporters, but my defense is truth. There's no question this was going on.


Prior to my expose’, Mark Neumann, GOP gubernatorial candidate, had been telling people that if he didn’t get more support from the state Republican Party that he would run as an independent and ruin the Republican’s chances for governor in fall. One phrase was repeated to me by several sources: They claimed Neumann was threatening that he would “Pull the party apart, limb by limb.”

Neumann allegedly made these comments repeatedly, sometimes in the form of threats and at other times in casual conversation. I spoke to several GOP officials and office holders who insisted they’d heard Neumann making the threat, or were on the receiving end of it themselves.  As one of them put it, “Neumann is something else. He has a public persona and a private persona. He’s a narcissist who tries to bully people into getting his way.”


After I took this public on WISN, Mark Neumann appeared on Charlie Sykes’ show to deny the rumor. However, anyone who heard the interview heard that Charlie had to ask Mr. Neumann the same question six different ways because Neumann kept parsing and dodging with his answers. He was simply Clintonian.


Eventually, Charlie got him to deny he’d ever threatened to run as an independent, and to vow that he would stay in this Republican primary race. Whether this means it’s a settled issue now, or not, I don’t know. But I am certain of one thing: Despite the denials, Mark Neumann was running around threatening to  break from the party and run as an independent if the party leadership didn’t start paying more attention to him.


For the record: I support Scott Walker for governor and have made no secret of that fact to my listeners or anyone else who asked. However, I was trying to give Mark Neumann a fair shake on my show, until I heard this. Now I’ve soured on his candidacy.
---Jay Weber

To listen to Podcast:  May 10 - Mark Neumann caught in ducking and dodging again.

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