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Appleton sportswriter shows disrespect to Vince Gibbens

30 years ago today, the U.S. Olympic hockey team beat Russia in a semifinal match. The Americans then won the gold media in their next game. Their stunning upset against the Russians became known as, “The Miracle on Ice.”

That game and the national jubilation it generated given the world events at the time make for any number of positive, inspirational stories to write 30 years later. It’s a shame Mike Woods of the Appleton Post-Crescent couldn’t find it in his makeup to come up with one. Instead, he felt the need to take a potshot against someone who is unable to defend himself.

Mike Woods (yes I hear your cries of, “Mike who?”) blogs on his newspaper's web site today that he remembers watching the “Miracle” on television, and he’s still upset about it. Why? Woods writes:

“The game was tied at 3-3 and there were about 12 minuts (the spelling error is Woods’) left in the game when they went to a commercial break, and on comes some talking head named Vince Gibbens for a local news break. Vince promptly spilled the beans.

The final 10 minutes were still great but, not nearly as great if I had not known the outcome.

It was one of those moments in time that you always remember where you were when it happened. It's also one of those moments in time that was ruined by one local news anchor, and that's hard to forget.

But I'm sure one day I'll get over this. After all, it's only been 30 years.”

Some talking head?

Woods is correct that Vince Gibbens, during one of those brief TV news promos setting up the 10:00 news did reveal the final score. Gibbens realized his gaffe and apologized for it many times in subsequent years.

Some talking head?

I had the privilege of knowing Vince Gibbens and calling him, friend. He was a very popular and talented anchor and was highly respected by his fellow broadcast journalists.

Gibbens died of heart problems in November of 1995. As president of the Milwaukee Press Club, I presented his widow with a special award in his honor at the annual Press Club Gridiron Dinner in May of 1996.

Gibbens may have made a mistake 30 years ago, but Woods makes an even bigger one today with his unfortunate and insensitive characterization of a very good man.

Woods says he needs to get over the Gibbens’ incident of 1980. I suggest he grow up first.

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