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40-plus years of the welfare state = obesity of today

Michelle Obama wants to focus on reducing obesity. Commendable.

The First Lady thinks obesity hurts national security. That’s plain silly.

It’s that sort of rationale that leads me to believe she won’t address the true causes of this health dilemma.

Columnist Kyle-Anne Shiver argues our girth expansion didn’t happen when kids started grazing in front of computers. The problem started more than 40 years ago with one liberal social program after another. The programs, according to Shiver, “may have inadvertently created this problem, or at the very least, heavily contributed to it.” She writes:

“Even holding steady for all other factors, research concludes that poor black women and their children are the most disproportionately affected by skyrocketing obesity rates. The largest single indicator for poverty and, later, dropping out of high school is birth to an unmarried mother. Unmarried women and their children are the largest recipient group of welfare state entitlement programs and also the group most rigidly trapped in failing government schools. In 2007, 72% of all black children born in the USA, were born out of wedlock. You do the math.”

The growth of the problem dates back to the 1960’s.

“The liberal welfare state and its coexisting government education system has created a sub-culture of dependent people. A culture of dependence upon others for food, housing, education and medical care has produced an entire class of people for whom the logical consequences of bad personal choices have been largely eradicated through social welfare programs,” writes Shiver.

Schools have also played a role.

“Since sex education was introduced into our public schools in the 1970s, rather than producing the hoped-for decline in out of wedlock pregnancy and childbirth, these programs have overseen an unprecedented rise in both. Out-of-wedlock childbirth is the largest single indicator for poverty, for both mothers and their children. Liberal feminists also insisted upon doing away with traditional school programs aimed at preparing young women to raise healthy children,” Shiver contends.

Shiver nails the underlying causes of what ails us today:

“Liberal policies aimed at building self-esteem in children, at the expense of educational standards, have resulted in poorly educated masses.

Liberal policies that put the interests of teacher unions over the quality of education have resulted in all-but-illiterate graduates.

Liberal policies aimed at diluting authority, discipline and dress codes in schools have resulted in less learning opportunities for all.

Liberal policies, which place a higher significance on handing out birth control than on handing out nutrition information, have resulted in more out-of-wedlock births and more obese children.

And the cycle continues.”

Think Michelle Obama will acknowledge these liberal failures as she commendably crusades against obesity? Probably not.

And that makes the chances of any solutions she offers being successful highly unlikely.

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