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State DOC brochure: Juvenile sex offenders nothing to worry about

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) in its infinite wisdom has decided to use a federal grant to publish a brochure available to interested municipalities across the state that, in my view, diminishes the threat of certain sex offenders. The brochure specifically deals with juvenile sex offenders and their re-entry into society.

A better understanding, A better community…An Information Guide About Juveniles

Who Sexually Offend” opens with a shocker:

Statistics show that child sexual abuse occurs at an alarming rate. As many as one in three girls, and one in seven boys, will be sexually abused at some point in their childhood.”

But then, there’s this….

Are juveniles who commit sexual offenses more likely to sexually re-offend? No.

Do all juveniles who commit a sexual offense have to be placed in a secure setting? No, most juveniles who have sexually offended can be managed safely while in the community.

Is sex offender treatment effective in lowering recidivism? Yes. Appropriate sex offender treatment programs can help identify and reduce an offender’s risk profile”

Juvenile sex offenders? What’s the problem? Nothing to get all worried and upset about.

The brochure being pushed by the DOC can give municipal officials and Wisconsin residents a false sense of security about juvenile sex offenders.

A wise use of our tax dollars? How about a brochure about the dozens of Wisconsin communities that have either adopted or are considering Franklin’s restrictive sex offender ordinances that have been found by a liberal local judge to be constitutional?

Would never happen.

Governor Doyle’s DOC has consistently shown a lack of desire to endorse, embrace, or enforce any proposals that would make the department work harder to protect society from sex offenders. One glaring example is the department’s testimony at public hearings about GPS legislation where officials inflated the cost of implementing the tracking devices.

But using tax dollars to print a brochure that attempts to make sex offenders appear less dangerous? Now that’s the ticket.

Thank goodness so many municipalities, like Franklin, have refused to swallow the spin of Jim Doyle’s DOC and have taken their own measures to protect their children from sex offenders.

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