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Wisconsin sports fans can be beyond incredibly stupid

They proved it during the entire Brett Favre affair. The man took them to Super Bowls, won MVPs, played every week with unsurpassed grit and toughness, then was traded even though he wanted to stay, and brain dead Packer fans, including the ones not employed by WTMJ Radio, moaned and groaned,  “Duuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gee I hope he has to be in a wheelchair the rest of his life.”

Some of the intelligent commentary was reserved for the Big Idiot’s radio show after 6:00 p.m. on TMJ (Can we say, ‘I’m a big fat shill’?), but most came on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s blog. Here’s a sample of the Rhodes Scholars in green and gold (the spelling errors are those of the intelligentsia that wrote them):

Hate him, hope the Packers break his leg and he is never able to play again. GO PACK!!

Great football player, not a very good person

He's a selfish traitor and I hope someone puts him out.

I have never wished harm to anyone on a football field, but I do now.

I despise him and would LOVE to see Aaron Kampmann put him on the ground and retire him once and for all.

Brent who? I hope he dies of aids.

I wouldn't minde seeing one of our guys break his legs

Hope Brent gets the swine flu!

Brent, break a leg on Monday, literally break a leg. I have visions of Theismann dancing in my head when it comes to Monday night.

i hope he tears his ACL on the first play. I hate him!!!!!!!!!!


OK, we have "fans" who want to see Brett suffer a broken leg (like Joe Theissman) or a torn ACL or get pile-driven into the ground. And these are the people who are criticizing Brett's lack of character??????????

I Loathe Him! No one was a bigger Brett Favre fan than I, no one. But the guy is a pile of human garbage.

The guy deserves a broken clavicle at the hands of Aaron Kampman

I hope he gets smashed by Chillar on a blind-side blitz and shatters his pelvis.

Brilliant. Hope their moms are proud.

That brings us to this Sunday’s Super Bowl, New Orleans vs. Indianapolis.

Without Favre playing, there might be little for Wisconsin pro football fans to get excited about.

But there’s undoubtedly a large faction of Wisconsinites who will be pulling for the slight underdogs, the New Orleans Saints who knocked out the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre.

Ooooooohh, I love this, the argument that I’m plugging for New Orleans because they, like Green Bay are in the NFC.

Ummm, excuse me. A few years ago, the Chicago Bears played the Indianapolis Colts in the big game. NO WAY IN HELL I was rooting for the Bears simply because…….DUHHHHHH….they’re in the NFC.

Do you honestly think that if Green Bay was in Super Bowl that people in Chicago would be pulling for the Pack for the absurd reason that we're in the same division?

And why the hell should I cheer for Drew Brees, he of the Purdue alumni? If I recall, Brees threw 150 passes one night at Camp Randall Stadium in a victory over the Wisconsin Badgers.

I didn’t like Brees then and I certainly don’t like him now.

Then there's the whole Katrina angle. Enough already. I'm sick of hearing play-by-play guys talking about it. If acts of God were supposed to determine NFL championships, what about all the Midwest floods and tornadoes?

Peyton Manning is all class and truly deserving of my fan support.

Go Colts!

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