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Welcome to the Franklin School District! Survey says........SUCKERS!

Well, isn’t this special! reports the Franklin School District is sending out surveys to Franklin residents because……..are you ready for district officials want to know how you feel.

My heart be still, would someone please hand me a box of Kleenex!

Oh, those wonderful, warm, compassionate school people! I mean, I ask you, is there no end to their kindness?

They love us so much they’re not sending out just one survey.

No, no, no, no, no!

They’re sending out at least three!



My word, I don’t even care how much it costs! The love everybody, the love, the caring for people in the district.

Where is that Kleenex!!! reports, “The initial survey is geared toward getting comments about school district programs. Results will help officials make decisions about budget and future programming, according to a news release. Two other surveys will be mailed out later this year focusing on operations, facilities and school district buildings.”

Franklin School Board member Janet Evans writes on her blog that the survey is coming, please take the time to fill it out, it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important, yada, yada, yada.

That’s the current form of Janet Evans blogging, the walk the line, toss out the school district talking points, that more or less the school district is all fine and rosy. I wonder what the old Janet Evans would have written, the Janet Evans who gave an honest, candid, insightful look behind the spin the district was and is now giving.

You get a more to the point assessment at Bryan Maersch’s blog who sees the surveys as merely a tactic by the school district to gather all sorts of ideas it can have on record to point to and suggest, look, look everybody, this is what the district residents want. By golly, that costs money! Translation: Big fat school tax increases.

My take follows.

These surveys have major flaws for two reasons:


Excuse me. If you really wanted, as Janet Evans writes on her blog, “
responses (that) could have an impact on future decisions the District makes regarding 'fiscal, instructional, and operational planning and decision-making'......."





Does the school district think we are really this stupid, that we can’t see through this entire charade? (The answer is yes, they do).

They’re trying to come across looking as though they really care about what you have to say and about communications between taxpayers and the district. If they really cared about what you felt, they would have had the guts to set up a table in City Hall at tax time and meet face to face with the people they screwed.

Fill out a survey, or three, or 300 and tell these deaf mutes you hate what they did to you and their merry tax and spending ways. Do you really, really, really think they are going to listen?

It’s insulting. It's an absolute joke.

My advice? Deposit this garbage where it belongs, in the trash, because that’s what it is. Phone and/or send these board members correspondences that you’re unhappy with their fiscal irresponsibility and if they don’t stop, you’ll vote for someone else.

Surveys? Polls? Gimme a break! They’re meaningless.

These stick up artists will rob you blind every chance they get no matter what you say on any non-binding questionnaire.

Don’t waste your time on this government waste. Toss the survey in the trash. Instead, give the School Board members a good, well-reasoned, thought out piece of your mind.

And then watch, and pay close attention to what these highway robbers do, and make them shake and shiver come election time.

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