Do You Have a Dog?

Published on: 8/8/2009

This is about dogs.  My wife and I do not have one. We have never had one; although I recall that my wife’s family had a dog when we started dating.  Our children wanted a dog when they were younger and living at home, but we are not “dog people”.  Besides, we figured if we got a dog for the kids, we are the ones who would eventually care for it (after the novelty wore off).  I see people in the neighborhood walking their dog(s).  I notice these days that a lot of people have more than one dog; some have two and some three or four.  I can’t imagine having two dogs, let alone three or four.  Why would they do that to themselves?  It often appears that a couple who has two dogs has “him” and “her” dogs.  When I see people with two to four dogs, I begin to wonder what they would do if they lost their jobs in these difficult economic times.  It seems to me that dogs can be expensive.  (We feed the birds and that’s a little costly).  Would they sell their dogs?  Would they sell the house or the extra car before the dogs?  Would they sell two or three dogs to get down to one or none?  I’m sure these are difficult questions/decisions for dog owners.

Dogs get people out walking and that’s a good thing.  They must make good companions for some (I saw a movie about that).  But we won’t be buying a dog ever; they are nice for some, but not for us.  Oh, by the way, our married daughter owns a dog – a real pedigree.