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A very sad day for Milwaukee County liberals

They’ve got to be in total anguish, sobbing in front of their Jim Doyle shrines.

How could the big tax and spender do this to them?

They thought this one was in the bag.

Deliriously happy the night of November 4, 2008, Milwaukee County liberals were celebrating what they believed would be another tax increase after Milwaukee county voters narrowly approved a 1% sales tax increase referendum.

The chairs were set up in their favor. They controlled the Assembly. They controlled the Senate. Get all those other tax and spenders to go along and Hallelujah, the final step is big Madison liberal taxer Jim Doyle.  

He couldn’t possibly let them down. Yahoooooooooo! More taxes!!

Ahhh, but you can’t always soak everyone when you want.

After all those closed-door secret meetings, Democrats in the Legislature eventually knocked the county sales tax increase down to .65%. Not as big an increase as the tax crowd was salivating for, but it was still an increase.

For a brief moment today, Jim Doyle appeared to have experienced common sensinitis. He vetoed, for the wrong reasons, the sales tax hike. He said new revenues (code verbiage for tax increases) should fund regional transit (i.e. exorbitant trains no one will ride), not local transit systems.

That sound you hear are tax-loving liberals in Milwaukee County screaming in agony, wailing and gnashing teeth, collectively crumbling into the fetal position.

Remember what the advocates for this big increase in the Milwaukee County sales tax were saying as they campaigned for yet another tax boost. I know this because I attended several of their hand-wringing meetings.

County parks will disappear.

The transit system will be decimated.

Milwaukee County’s quality of life will be like Biloxi.

People won’t die, but close.

Of course, none of this will occur, just like not a penny of that sales tax increase would ever have gone towards property tax relief.

Don’t feel bad, Milwaukee County liberals. There are still billions of dollars in tax increases in that budget Diamond Jim signed today.

Finally, this is vindication for the 6 Milwaukee County Board Supervisors who made the correct vote against putting the sales tax referendum on the November 2008 ballot. Congratulations to them:

Mark Borkowski

Paul Cesarz

Joe Rice

Lynn DeBruin

Joe Sanfelippo

James "Luigi" Schmitt

UPDATE: Milwaukee County Democrats blast Doyle

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