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Two big issues highlight latest Tea Party

Americans for Prosperity

Monday night I spoke at the Arkansas Tea Party event in Little Rock, Arkansas. The folks there held a great event with hundreds of fired up citizens keeping the pressure on Washington politicians to rein in spending and stop the tax increases on our families and businesses.

AFPF's Patients United Now team, led by Teresa Crossland-Okee, crowd handed out cold water and educational materials to activists on a hot, humid evening.

Things were hotter for Senator Lincoln who continues to stay on the fence when it comes to the job killing energy tax called "Cap-and-Trade." Senator Lincoln also refuses to rule out supporting President's Obama's government health care takeover that will mean a government bureaucrat between patients and their doctors, long lines for doctor's appointments, and worst of all medical procedures DENIED based on age or chronic illnesses.

As we head into a crucial summer for our economic freedoms these two issues dominate the landscape:

1. Will our health care system be taken over by the government and

2. Will the biggest job-killing, energy tax in American history pass as legislation called "Cap-and-Trade"

You and I have at most two months before the decisive battles in the United States Senate this September.

We've got to be ready for an all-out effort to win these two vital issues.

Next week, our AFP team will be back on the road with the anti Cap-and-Trade Hot Air Tour in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.  For details on the Hot Air Tour and to learn more about Cap-and-Trade visit

Events like last night's Arkansas Tea Party event in Little Rock tell me our side is getting ready. But, we need to do so much more.

Will you take two steps to help us get ready for the decisive September Senate battle over Cap-and-Trade and health care?

Urge your representatives to sign our No Climate Tax Pledge, and let your elected officials know that you're watching how they vote on hidden energy taxes.

You can also tell your representatives to Vote NO on any bill that puts bureaucrats before patients.

One last thing, remember that the Obama-Pelosi $1 trillion "stimulus" we fought so hard to defeat? President Obama and Speaker Pelosi promised the massive spending bill would create jobs and turn around our economy.

Did you see Vice President Joe Biden on NBC's Meet the Press this past Sunday when he was asked why so many jobs were still being lost even months AFTER the Stimulus bill passed?

Biden actually said, "Everyone guessed wrong."

Think about it. They spend $1 trillion that we don't have -- taking us deeper into debt -- while promising Americans that their spending binge would "create jobs." Then, when job losses mount despite the massive spending, they shrug their shoulders and say, "Well we all guessed wrong..."

W've got to make sure that when it comes to health care and Cap-and-Trade we remind our fellow citizens that our opponents "guessed wrong" on the Stimulus and they're "guessing wrong" again!

Thanks for all you are doing. But, much more lies ahead.

I hope to see some of you next week in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

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