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Pervert David Letterman apologizes to Sarah Palin: Too little, too late

Big deal. David Letterman finally apologizes to Sarah Palin, after how many days since his brutal attack on the Alaska governor and her 14-year old daughter?

On the sincerity meter, this ranks below zero.

I seem to recall that when nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage made his outrageous on-air comments about autism, lefty bloggers, including some locally, called on conservatives to condemn Savage. Some, feeling guilty, took the bait and commented about how horrible Savage was and that WTMJ should dump his show and advertisers should stop advertising, etc, etc, forgetting that there is an on-off apparatus on every AM radio.

Even though I agreed Savage was out of line, I refused to join in the blogosphere crusade against the talk show host because I know the hateful, hypocrite left will never reciprocate and join in the condemnation of their own when conservatives are smeared.

The David Letterman assault is Exhibit A. Liberals I talk to say it was hilarious. They see absolutely nothing wrong.

Lefties want righties to join them all the time in the interest of bipartisanship. Lefties will never cross the aisle to return the favor. They’re phonies, which is why I refuse to suck up to them or ditch my principles just to get them to like me. I know a ton of liberals and we get along swimmingly. You either like me or you don’t. But I’ll be damned if I am going to compromise myself just so you’ll put me on your silly blog roll.

I close with this interesting blog from a parent written on Redstate. The parent writes:

“Letterman’s jokes are reminders that liberal society advances the image of women embracing promiscuity and degrading behavior as something laudable. They are also something as Governor Palin pointed out, that would never be leveled at the Obama girls or any other liberal offspring for that matter. The hideous attack on the young Palin children is both morally reprehensible and a glaring example of a horrific level of media bias that could accurately be depicted as outright propaganda.

The comments against Governor Palin are equally egregious. Referring to an accomplished woman as a “slutty flight attendant” merely because she (a) disagrees with you politically and (b) is attractive, is a slap in the face to women everywhere.”

The piece is entitled,
“For My Daughter: Standing Up to the Liberal Assault on Women.”

UPDATE: Palin accepts Letterman's apology.

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