Board of Education Meeting Agenda 06/24/09

Agendas, Community and Governmental Relations Committee, Finance Committee

 Regular Board of Education Meeting  06/24/09  6:00 PM

Location: Education and Community Center


Some areas of interest -

Community and Governmental Relations Committee:

At the June 10th Committee meeting I suggested for discussion that citizens may not be aware that they may comment, ask questions and receive feedback at Board Committee meetings.  All citizen participation must be related to items on the Committee meeting agenda.

In an effort to inform the public of our interest in their participation, it will be recommended to the Board that a notice be added to all Committee agendas stating "Community input at  committee meetings is welcome, but may only be related to posted agenda items.  Refer to policy 8220." (Motion made by Dave Szychlinski; seconded by Linda Witkowski).

Also, in regards to Citizen comment at regular Board of Education meetings, Linda Witkowski suggested for discussion an alternative  to regular citizen comment (which will continue).  It will be recommended to the Board that "we will establish one Board member and one Administrator at the Education and Community Center be available 20 minutes before each Regular Board meeting."  (Motion made by Dave Szychlinski; seconded by Linda Witkowski).

There was citizen input during this meeting in favor of these motions.

These items will be presented for action by the Board.

Finance Committee:

At the June 10th Finance Committee meeting there was a Budget discussion along with the presentation of the first draft of the 09-10 Budget  to the Committee.

During the Committee meeting, there was citizen input from several citizens, some on behalf of the Gifted and Talented program.

I did note during this meeting that a salary freeze for Administrators should be considered. There was no discussion as personnel issues will take place in closed session.

The proposed Property Tax Levy in the first draft of the 09-10 Budget:

Fund Actual 2007-08 Budget 2008-09 Budget 2009-10
General Fund 24,127,702 24,973,835 27,063,274
Debt Service Fund 4,037,103 4,090,000 3,132,201
Recreation Fund 385,271 400,682 411,716
Total Levy 28,550,076 29,464,517 30,607,191



Note regarding commenting on this post:

Your comments are welcomed on topics presented in this post in order to generate citizen debate, but I ask that you do not direct comments to me for a personal response via the blog.

As a Board member, I encourage you to contact me any time via District email so there is a public record, by phone call, by mail, or in person before or after any meeting.  You may reach me or any other Board member through this link.

I look forward to hearing from you. 


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