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Dear Franklin City Hall: Please, please get your priorities in order

During August 2007, I wrote a 5-part series about the top issues I believed the city of Franklin was facing.

Silly me. I wrote about topics like taxes, economic development, and sex offenders.

In the past several weeks, examine what has been consuming the time of our locally elected officials: requiring leashes on all dogs, the unnecessary and unpopular widening of a street, finding more for the Common Council president to do, and the rather selfish request to have a new coffee shop built at the Civic Center District, but only under the right conditions.

The list of waste of time ideas continues Monday night as the Franklin Common Council’s Committee of the Whole considers the life or death idea of changing the Franklin mayoral position from part-time to full-time (Item IIA).

Excuse me, but did I miss something?

Is there a hue and cry from the Franklin populace, all 35,000 of them, that we absolutely must have a full-time mayor?

Let me get this straight. As the private sector reduces its workforce by handing out pink slips, and cuts salaries and benefits, the Franklin taxpayers are supposed to accept the expansion of local government?

Franklin is not La Crosse, though some would give anything if only it were so. We are a very, very small city. Full-time mayor? Why? What for?

Current part-time mayor, Tom Taylor and the Franklin Common Council need to get their priorities straight. This isn’t one of them.

Pay close attention to the arguments in favor of making the mayor’s position full-time and WHO’S making them. Could there be a personal agenda at stake here? You betcha.

If the contention is that we can’t attract decent candidates when Tom Taylor decides not to be mayor anymore unless we sweeten the pot, then I suggest we don’t want those kinds of candidates to begin with.

Earth to Franklin City Hall: Dump this stupid idea and move on to far more important business.

FranklinNOW editor Mark Maley, please consider posting a question on the FranklinNOW forum asking readers to weigh in about this issue. I'd be curious as to the response.

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