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WRTL has UW officials squirming

Life - Wisconsin Right To Life - News Release

UW Officials Squirm as Wisconsin Right to Life Continues to Expose the Truth About Madison Late-Term Abortion Plan

They Admit Employees Will be Forced to Participate When Abortionist Dutton Butchers Women

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wisconsin Right to Life has obtained an email sent yesterday by Pete Christman, UWMF Executive Director to various UW officials regarding Wisconsin Right to Life's most recent ad which appears today in the Wisconsin State Journal.  Christman stated he had viewed the ad by visiting the Wisconsin Right to Life website.  The ad can be viewed here

The Wisconsin Right to Life ad exposes shocking information contained in internal emails between various UW officials regarding the late-term abortion plan at the Madison Surgery Center.  The emails were obtained through an open records request.

"Christman's email yesterday to his squeamish colleagues attempts to quell their discomfort but instead, he has reinforced the facts that we have been bringing to the publics attention,"  said Susan Armacost, Legislative Director  of Wisconsin Right to Life.

1.  UW admits they will force employees to assist in late-term abortions which is contrary to Wisconsin state law and to the public promises they have made.

2.  UW admits that late-term abortions are dangerous and that abortionist Caryn Dutton could endanger women's lives but they are pursuing these abortions anyway.

3.  UW admits that late-term abortions are not medically necessary.

4.  Christman states employees would be forced to participate in the case of an "emergency." But UW will not define "emergency."  Because they have admitted these abortions are not medically necessary any actual emergencies that arise would have to be a result of abortionist Dutton causing injury to women or from the inherent danger of the procedure.  Even Planned Parenthood has little confidence in Dutton's ability to perform late-term abortions.

5.  Because UW has not defined "emergency," they will be able to define any abortion as an emergency and force employees to participate in an expanding number of circumstances.

6.  UW is understaffing their late-term abortion plan to save money.They admit that the abortions are dangerous and that abortionist Dutton could seriously harm or kill women but they refuse to bring in enough staff to take care of actual emergencies.  They are virtually guaranteeing that objecting staff will be forced to participate.

"The public, the Madison Surgery Center staff, and the patients who obtain their health care at this facility have a right to know the truth about the late-term abortion plan and the devastating and far-reaching consequences it will have," said Armacost.

Wisconsin Right To Life
Susan Armacost
Legislative Director
Phone: 877-855-5007
Wisconsin Right To Life
Barbara L. Lyons
Executive Director
Phone: 877-855-5007
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