Greendale Village Days

Published on: 6/5/2008

Below is something I wrote in August of 2006 which was printed in The Greendale Village Life.  I think it is still relevant so I am posting it here with slight modification.


With all due respect to the Greendale Lions Club and everyone who works so diligently to present the Greendale Village Days, isn’t it time to do away with “Rummage on the Green” during Village Days?  “Rummage” has a connotation which does not fit the image Greendale has been trying to present in the last ten years especially through the renovation of the Village Center.  How about an “Arts and Craft” show to replace what is basically a huge rummage sale?  Wouldn’t that be more appropriate to the image Greendale is trying to create?  Al McGuire used to say: “Let’s go first class. Let’s go Park Avenue” – it’s time for a new fundraiser to help the Lions Club continue the good work it does for the community.  Perhaps they could solicit ideas from the community or from an organization such as the Greendale Historical Society.  We need something that fits the image of Greendale as both a rejuvenated community and a historical community.