Nighty, Night...Don't Sleep Tight...


A vote.

Is that too much to ask for?

Is it too much to ask for the Senate to do the right thing for the American people?

Just a vote.

No...instead, two weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi decided to let the Senate go into recess rather that take a vote on FISA legislation that would allow our spies to intercept foreign communications.

“Half of all the information we obtain on future attacks against our nation comes from electronic surveillance, according to National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, who warned that failure to pass the Senate bill will degrade all intercepts by two-thirds. We can’t expect intelligence officials to connect the dots when they have one arm tied behind their back collecting them.”  This from Vito Fossella and Peter King, Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York.


They also say,

"Make no mistake — American is more vulnerable to attack today than it was just two weeks ago. In the Senate, Democrats and Republicans worked with the administration to pass a bipartisan bill. The question is, will the House stop playing politics and do the right thing for America?" 

The Democrats say they haven't had enough time to act on this legislation. 

But they have had since last April. 

This is serious.

Pelosi is reckless.

Pelosi and House Democrats do not care about protecting the citizens of the United States of America.

Read the entire article by Fossella and King in the Washington Times

A Big Bouquet for Al Qaeda   í  here

And remember...Pelosi can sleep tight...

If we have a national security risk, she is whisked off to a safe haven...

You on the other hand, should sleep with one eye open....


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